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About Harry Vas Dias

Harry Vas Dias, Decatur, GeorgiaIn 1974, after a career as an orchestral oboist, Harry Vas Dias embarked on what has turned out to be an even longer career, making replicas of historic oboes. He has produced over 500 oboes, and his instruments are prized by eminent oboists in a number of countries. Among the players who use his instruments are three of North America's most prominent oboists, Marc Schachman, John Abberger, and Gonzalo Ruiz.

Harry has traveled the world to examine and play on historic instruments. He has recorded meticulous dimensions and has built his own reamers and other tools in order to reproduce these instruments. He regularly exhibits his oboes at shows and conferences.

Harry is also an expert on reeds and reed-making and has published articles on the subject. He is an active member of the International Double Reed Society.

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Locate 2519 McCurdy Way, Decatur, Georgia 30033 on Map