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Classical Oboes

Oboe by CARL AUGUST GRENSER, dated 1778, after original in the Piguet Collection, Basel, Switzerland.

Boxwood, A=430, as original.

With 2 brass keys: $2100.

With 2 silver keys and 4 (synthetic) ivory rings: $2450.

Listen to Marc Schachman perform an excerpt from the first movement of Mozart's Oboe Quartet, K. 370, on a Vas Dias copy of a Grenser oboe (from Mozart: Three Quartets, © 1993 Harmonia Mundi USA).


Grenser Oboe

Oboe by CHRISTOPHE DELUSSE, c. 1800, after original in the Bate Collection, Oxford, England, No. 202.

Rosewood, A=430.

With 2 brass keys: $2100.

With 2 silver keys and 4 (synthetic) ivory rings: $2450.

Delusse Oboe